selenium grid commands break ups

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I am trying to setup grid. I need helping hand in breaking up selenium grid commands. I need explaination where I can understand, which command does what.

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We have broken up selenium grid commands as below.

1.) JVM command.



2.) Commands supported by Selenium standalone JAR file. (as on Jan 1st 2015). We are covering most used commands to setup the grid.

-role (options hub,node) – This helps to instruct stand alone JAR file to act according to role defined. By default selenium stand alone will start as server, by defining role we can instruct stand alone server to act as node or grid hub. There are many other roles which are not covered here.

-browser (In case we are using JAR file to initiate node, using browser comand we can specifiy which browser to be acted as)




  • browerName = name of the browser you want to specify
  • version = version of the browser
  • maxInstance = Maximum number of parallel instances supported by node.
  • platform = WINDOWS (Specify operating system name of the node.)
  • firefox_binary= if you want to instruct JAR file to look for binary from some other location then default location.

-hub = Specify location of grid.


If you grid hub is on some other computer, specify IP address of the computer hosting grid hub.