I would like to ask if a Quality analyst can switch to Data science profile or is there a way if QA person can use data science in testing profile?
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Very good question

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At this point in time, data science have a very minimal role in software testing.

It is widely used when you have to work with a large amount of data. Like, insurance, banking, the stock market, etc..

But, switching to data science profile will be a little tricky. You can go through online tutorials to learn techniques and try to get into a project that deals with a large amount of data.
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Okay! Thank you for your reply and time.
I would like to ask one more Question that is 'Can we merge both fields i.e. Data science & Software testing?
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Data science is more about working with data to get an overview of the system, get forecasting and doing the decision making.

Software Testing is all about testing the software. So, if you are working on a project where software is being developed to work with large data, then surely you can have both experiences.

E.g., you are working for a company who develops software for a marketing company that has large data. And the goal of the project is to forecast where the company should put money in marketing. So, that involves data science and you will be testing a product that is using data science to do forecast and help in decision making.