Currently my company is hosting 5 cloud servers. We are looking for an open source software which can log into those server and monitor health of those software.


We need report of CPU usage, memory usage, error logs, disk space usage. Also it should provide critical reports.

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2 Answers

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After googling for several weeks, I came up with below list.


  1. Tunvu - Create your own p2p video streamming
  2. Php-kartinatv - Kartina.TV helper - playlist and channel extractor (PHP version)
  3. Antiktv - Program for watching IPTV from local ISP Antik.sk
  4. Doubango - cross-platform 3GPP IMS/LTE framework for embedded systems
  5. Canss - contents aggregation and syndication service
  6. Bboxx - Broadcasting Box -- Max Edition
  7. Dhcp4iptv - Windows DHCP client for IPTV networks with dynamic IP and Amino STBs
  8. Boghe - IMS/RCS client for Windows
  9. Xtr-rodnoetv - Rodnoe.TV plugin for Xtreamer Family (Xtreamer, XtreamerPro, Sidewinder etc)
  10. Rev3browser - Revision 3 Network Browser for XBMC


I am planning to test each software. I will post my reviews once I am done.

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Why don't your company hire a Server specialist? He will help you economically and efficiently. A,lso you can write a script based on the number of server hits. ex: if your server hits 4000 in a day and you can expect a notification to your email if hits goes below 2000