How to use POSTMAN plugin in API testing

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How to use POSTMAN plugin in API testing. what are the benefits of POSTman on SOAP

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Before starting with the installation and usage process, let me first give you a brief overview about the API testing

What is API

API (Application Programming Interface) testing is a software testing which involves testing application programming interfaces to determine if they are meeting the expectations of the desired functionality.

In other words, we can also say that an API is a collection of software functions and procedures [which are also known as API calls] that can be executed by other software applications

An API does not have any UI, therefore API testing is performed at the message layer. API testing requires less code and thus provides better and faster test coverage than automated GUI tests.

How API Works

One of the available application to perform API testing is using Postman. To use Postman, you must configure it in your chrome browser using below steps:

Installing POSTMAN

  1. Run Google Chrome and go to More Tools > Extensions
  2. Click Get more extensions
  3. Search POSTMAN by www.getpostman.com
  4. Add to Chrome
  5. Wait for the downloading and installation process to complete
  6. Run Postman

Using Postman

  1. Open Postman
  2. Select an API method
  3. Enter the request URL
  4. Click the Authorization tab and add authorization tokens and credentials as per requirements
  5. Enter headers (if required)
  6. Click Send to make your request
  7. If authentication is successful, the API shows a 200/OK response.
  8. You can also click on Save button to save that API request for future purpose
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