Which language for Automation, Java or Python, Ruby

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I am working with Automation project with Python. And  i feel that Python is light-weight, readable and easy to code and debug. But many automation projects still use Java to write automation script.

I think the scripting language should be used, not a heavy and complicated one as Java. It should be used to build software, not need for testing.

Please share your real experience!
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It is clear now. Thank you @Onkar_Nimje and @Mayur

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I dont know Python. So for me Python is difficult. As you stated Java is complicated. But i know Java only and uisng this core java  i can automate any dynamic script easily.

So my thought is, you can use any language which you know very well because if you know langauage in deep then you can make any quality script easily and with less time.
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There are two prospectives here,
  • Maintenance
  • Business
Scripting language makes implementation of OOP concepts little difficult. So, the main part, Object Repository will be difficult to implement and maintain using scripting language. But in case of OOP language like Java, you can easily implement POM (Page Object Model) and reuse your elements. It will make scripting breeze.
From business prospective, Selenium-Java is older than Selenium-Python. So, getting developers for Selenium-Java will be much easier and cost effective. So, business people encourage usage of Java. Hence making it more flavor day by day.
Hope my answer helped!
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I've heard about Python and Robotframework is a good combination. I just did not have enough time to look into it yet.

Most examplecode you can find on the internet seems to be Java, but is harder to understand for a non-programmer.

I'm using Ruby with a gem called "lapis_lazuli". Ruby itself is readable quiet well. Also for less development minded people like me. The gem just makes it super easy to create a demo project with enough examples to get started (I found the installation and getting started manual on www.testautomation.info)

Personally I have been using this Ruby + LL for just a year now and I like it a lot. I can use it with selenium-grid (but also browserstack) which is really usefull in my case.
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