Browser do not get launched if I use WebDriver launch and close code with BeforeTest & AfterTest annotations.

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If I launch browser before test method and close after test method using TestNG annotations @BeforeTest and @AfterTest it works only for 1st Test method. For 2nd test method browser is not launched.

commented Nov 29, 2016 by stbadmin (4,970 points)
can you post the error you are getting by replying to this comment?
commented Nov 30, 2016 by kanishkajadhav (82 points)
Not able to Enter --- The FirefoxDriver cannot be used after quit() was called.
commented Dec 1, 2016 by stbadmin (4,970 points)
Can you post your @BeforeTest method by replying to this comment? It looks like you have a problem with initiating the browser.

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