how i can upload an image from github/bitbucket to browserstack/saucelabs?

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i am using browserstack and github.

and i am uploading an image/file from browserstack server.
i want to upload any specific image from github, i can switch on bitbucket and saucelabs, if required.

Please help me as soon as possible.
commented Jan 18 by stbadmin (4,970 points)
Can you elaborate your scenario little more? What do you mean by uploading from browserstack server and also what do you mean by want to upload image from github? how are you uploading it? We need more details from your question and with scenario and the code base.
commented Jan 18 by Vipul Sharma (322 points)
Yes, I am uploading images/files from browserstack drive, but these are not related to my project.
So i want to upload related images/files.
Is it possible to upload images/files from Github/ bitbucket?

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What is browserstack drive? Github and bitbuckets are git repositories. Github will let you host public repository and you can make your images public. In case of bitbucket, this will be little challenging as you will need credentials to work with bitbucket repository. I would suggest you to get one http or ftp server and put your files there.

If you are using Github public repository, make sure that you get permission from the author. As anyone accessing Github will be able to access your file easily.

Hope that answered your question.

answered Jan 18 by stbadmin (4,970 points)