Caused by: gherkin.lexer.LexingError: Lexing error on line 218:

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Exception in thread "main" cucumber.runtime.CucumberException: Error parsing feature file /Users/ethemtopuk/bex-automation/src/test/resources/features/addressIntegration1.feature
 at cucumber.runtime.FeatureBuilder.parse(FeatureBuilder.java:133)
 at cucumber.runtime.model.CucumberFeature.loadFromFeaturePath(CucumberFeature.java:104)
 at cucumber.runtime.model.CucumberFeature.load(CucumberFeature.java:54)
 at cucumber.runtime.model.CucumberFeature.load(CucumberFeature.java:34)
 at cucumber.runtime.RuntimeOptions.cucumberFeatures(RuntimeOptions.java:235)
 at cucumber.runtime.Runtime.run(Runtime.java:110)
 at cucumber.api.cli.Main.run(Main.java:36)
 at cucumber.api.cli.Main.main(Main.java:18)
Caused by: gherkin.lexer.LexingError: Lexing error on line 218:

I am getting above error while executing my cucumber test. Can you explain what's wrong?


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LexingError usually occurs if you missed adding '|' at the end of your line. This is the case most of the time.

In your case, go to line #218 and verify. If you have missed | at the end of the line, add it.

answered Aug 23 by ChatBot (180 points)