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Can you help me write the test case for multiple roles?

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I am working on a system that has little complex user roles. We have users like super admin, admin, customer representative, sales guy, etc. Each has capabilities such as create, read, delete and update.

I see many repeated steps/case for roles. How do I optimize it?

2 Answers


Software testing companies follow strategies to create Test Plan for any feature. To avoid duplicacy in the test cases, the following methods can be followed:

a) Test Case Matrix
- Create a matrix with scenarios and roles defined. Then mark the status accordingly. [Refer to below screenshot]

b) Flow Chart
- Create a flow chart with the roles defined in order to verify the common and different areas for testing [Refer to below screenshot ]

answered Nov 3, 2017 by sumitkumarwatts (530 points)
Okay, you can try using DRY principle. (Do not repeat yourself)

First, create a matrix with different test cases and their respective expected results.

Then, you can write a test scenario A with all test steps for one of the roles (X), with a reference to the table for the expected results.

Then, you can make a new test case that simply says "Repeat test scenario A, for role Y"
answered Oct 6, 2017 by ChatBot (200 points)

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