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How to Analyze JMeter result?

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In JMeter By Record and playback option I perform an Action (i,e) ->  My application -> login -> home page (i just login to my application). process have been recorded

Now if I want to do performance testing so, I increase the number of Threads as 50 with delay of 30 (So for each 30 sec new user will login) and I gave loop count as 2 

(i,e)  50 user's login to my application for every 30 sec this process will run twice . and also I add Listener (View Result in Table and Graph result, summary Report) 

now how to analyze the result? 

I saw the graph result and table view result -> how to identify the performance (By which term I can tell the performance of my application)

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You have to  use co relation because you have increase number of threads and run your jmx file in non gui mode.

Its my suggestion..
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Thank You @Mayur
Do you have any idea about this ?
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1>it seems you have not make testresult file in bin folder
apache jmeter-bin -(TestResult.jtl)
2> if you want log then give as like
jmeter -n -t YourJmeterTestPlan.jmx -l TestResultFile.jtl  -j LogFile.log

Please let me know
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Hi Bharat,

Thank you for your answer. Is that answer related to the question,

If so, please post your answer there.

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Yes, it seems like test result file in bin folder is missing
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Sure Bharat. Thank you. I am just trying to make sure that the Question and Answer site is organized. The organized work helps everyone.

It makes more sense for me to post my solution to a question instead of discussing the same in the comment section. And encourage everyone to do the same. So, the next person can be benefited from the same. That's the ultimate goal of this question and answer site.

Happy testing and contributing.

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