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How to records your selenium script video in eclipse?

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How to records your selenium script  video in eclipse?
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Do you want to record the screen at runtime?
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I have used ATU Test Recorder earlier in our selenium script, i have asking it is any other recorder to check the script.Please let me know
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Not getting your point

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You can use the “Monte Media Library” java based library developed by Werner Randelshofer to record the selenium webdriver execution video, Following are the steps to use this -
1- Download “MonteScreenRecorder.jar” from link
2- Add this jar file to webdriver eclipse project.
3- Jar file contain “ScreenRecorder” class, create the class object like -
public ScreenRecorder(java.awt.GraphicsConfiguration cfg,
                      java.awt.Rectangle captureArea,
                      Format fileFormat,
                      Format screenFormat,
                      Format mouseFormat,
                      Format audioFormat,

    Creates a screen recorder.

        cfg - Graphics configuration of the capture screen.
        captureArea - Defines the area of the screen that shall be captured.
        fileFormat - The file format "AVI" or "QuickTime".
        screenFormat - The video format for screen capture.
        mouseFormat - The video format for mouse capture. The EncodingKey must be ENCODING_BLACK_CURSOR or ENCODING_WHITE_CURSOR. The SampleRateKey can be independent from the screenFormat. Specify null if you don't want to capture the mouse cursor.
        audioFormat - The audio format for audio capture. Specify null if you don't want audio capture.
        movieFolder - Where to store the movie

4- call “screenRecorder.start()” methods at starting of your test scripts and “screenRecorder.stop()” at the end of execution.
5- After execution of test script, the video file is generated under “Video” folder of current user folder in   Windows machine and “Movies” folder on Mac machine.
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