6 Productivity tools to invest in right now!

It is true that it’s the thoughts that make one wise and successful in life. When it comes to entrepreneurs and corporate personnel, it is practically not possible to have a calm mind. Also, they cannot find time for some spiritual activity either. So, what can you do to increase your productivity and get most out of what you do? It is not possible to be wise enough to get the most out of something they do for anyone. Same is true for the time as well.

Use time wisely, or it will use you. – Some wiseman

To our relief, there are a lot of tools which will enable you to be more productive and efficient in whatever you do. These devices are beneficial for both entrepreneurs as well as corporate personnel.

Make sure to invest in these tools right away, and think long term. When I say invest it your time, dedication and honesty that I ask. Yes, some of these may require you to purchase the paid version. Trust me! It’s a productive investment.

Why do you need these tools?

Let’s address few reasons why you need to use these tools.

* Person’s mind is most vulnerable to divert itself to problems that can be solved quickly, and he postpones to address the main issue. As a result, he is consistently wasting his time and energy on things that are least important for growth.

* The best way to achieve long-term goals is to set short-term goals which will eventually lead you to accomplish that long-term goal. For instance, you aim to increase visits to your website. Now you understand one can achieve this only by writing at least three blogs every week. So, you set weekly milestones to publish three blogs every week for next one year. This way you will see the significant increase in your visitors count at the end of the year.

* Now, one has to multitask at some point, or the job profile requires you to multitask frequently. This problem may lead to stress and can affect your social as well as personal life.

* Taking command of the day and staying organised can seem nearly impossible.

* It is imperative to set goals and vision and more vital to get them known to your employees and clients.

So, take a look at some of the best productivity tools and their benefits:

* Todoist: It is the best tool for managing your day. It is user-friendly, smart and accurate. Best part it is available on almost all platforms like desktops, phones and tablets. I use this app to manage my day providing me seamless experiencing when I have to even set-up recurring tasks. The paid version of this application let you do a lot more like adding an explicit comment to the job.

* x.ai: X.ai is an autonomous AI assistant that schedule meetings. When writing the meeting request to the prospect one has to cc Amy or Andrew the AI’s from X.ai. They will then send the message to the prospect on your behalf and takes care of all the negotiations and dig out the mutual time to meet between you two.

* Rapportive: This is by far the most useful yet straightforward tool. It is the Google Chrome extension. After installing when the person opens his open an email, they can see the social media links to the recipient. It aims to show all the social media links to the contacts right in the inbox. With this, you can stay up-to-date on what your connections are up to and build a rapport.

* Google Docs: This is the most popular tool. Google Docs lets one create online, shareable documents. So, one doesn’t have to worry if your computer crashes or switches off suddenly. Also, it enables a person to carry document everywhere connect to the Gmail account. And the document can be shared easily with another person. The best part of Google Docs is, it lets more than one person read or write the document at the same time.

* SaneBox: This is the tool for the people who believe their time is most valuable. This simple tool groups all non-vital emails like social media notifications or newsletter signups into a single folder called SaneLater. So, one can work on these emails later. This way one can concentrate on important emails and work more efficiently.

* Boomerang for Gmail: This is the browser tool for Gmail. It lets one schedule email. This way one can reach prospects inbox at the right time. For instance, a business owner or marketing professional can schedule greeting emails. This tool can also help you give timely heads-up. One can work all time as well as keep up good relations with prospects.


These six tools can work together to make one’s professional life much more manageable. The other five tools are to do tasks more efficiently rather than managing them.

Remember: One shouldn’t adopt a productivity tool just because other people do. Think out what serves you best and stick with it.

Which productivity tool do you use? Let us know your thoughts in comments section below.

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