Does AI & Machine learning will Kill QA Jobs?

There is a widespread panic in IT industry now a day’s due to

  • Increase in the Automation & Less number of Manual Jobs
  • Less demand for Management skills causes lot of Layoff at higher & middle management
  • Last, But not the least people (QA/Developer) is now thinking that AI will replace their jobs in next 5 years.

For #1 & #2, I really think it is just a technology shift mostly due to increase in a competition from a newer player in the market because of the solutions they developed using open source technologies where as the big giants are slowly but steadily migrating to open source architecture in order to improve their operational efficiency.

if you are ready to learn the new skills & adopt with respect to latest changes you don’t need to worry about at all for #1 & #2.All you need to find out is how you & your skills are adding values to the organization and will continue to add the values in future. Rest will be taken automatically. So per me, no need to worry at all.

Now, people (QA/Developer) is now thinking that AI will replace their jobs in next 5 years.Is it really true? Let’s find out that….

So, let’s start with the question what is AI  & Machine Learning?

As per Google, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is usually defined as the science of making computers do things that require intelligence when done by humans. AI has had some success in limited or simplified, domains.

It is a broader concept of machine being able to carry out a task that is what we consider as “SMART”


Machine Learning is a current application of AI based around the idea that we should really just be able to give machines access to data and let them learn for themselves.

If we are talking only for the software Engineering per say in machine learning model, the machine will write a program, They write a program through data, & examples based on a data.

Current status of AI and Machine Learning:

Currently, We are able to do the basic picture based recognization of human emotions through machines ( Computers). And with other small examples, it has been said by the technology pundit over the world that AI & Machine learning is still in the child stage and requires a more time to simulate real world responses correctly.

So really is it possible for AI to replace QA jobs in next say 5 years ?. Let’s find out then…

Say tomorrow Google decided to write all of their program’s or simulate user Action (Testing) through AI & Machine learning than what they need to have is a large set of past data which is properly organized so that the predictive modeling examples of real world simulation can be created.

And even before asking machine’s to write a code or Test the real application on their own based on this predictive modelling example, they need to hold true for the future predictive behavior of end user, which trust me is vary a lot wrt end customer.

And As per the internal report at Google, it will take 5 more years for them to prepare the real world predictive modeling example and further more to try and implement these changes to real time.

Which if we are talking about other IT companies it will take additional time to adapt to this because for every requirement the predictive modeling example may vary and no other company of planet has more prediction data than Google have. So it is still waiting and watch as per me.

So I think QA won’t be replaced by AI at least for the next 5 to 10 years. The only thing which all the QA should be focussing on currently is to learn Automation ( Different Tools, Platform) and never to restrict them to manual work only, because that’s the one will be replaced and Manual work will be mostly vanished in Next 5 years for sure So does the people working on it!!…

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