BRD Document for Test Automation Estimation | What QA/Tester Lacks? | Meetup 28th July 2018

1.) The meetup introduction
– What is this meetup?
– How to Join?
2.) Talks by Speakers with Q&A sessions
– BRD Document for Test Automation Estimation by Sanket
– What QA/Tester Lacks? by Sashank
3.) Introduction to Software Testing Board’s Q&A site and the meetup site
4.) How to be a speaker at the next meetup
5.) Our social media profiles
6.) Subscribe to YouTube
7.) Contact us

Recorded video:

If you have any questions, you can always comment at the bottom of this page. That question will be answered by the speaker.


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BRD document for test automation estimation by Sanket from Software Testing Board

What QA lacks? by Sashank from Software Testing Board

Software Testing Board meetup 28th July 2018 from Software Testing Board

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