Docker Introduction for Testers


1.) The meetup introduction
-What is this meetup?
-How to Join?
2.) Talks by Speakers with Q&A sessions
-Introduction to Selenium Python by Kishore (Kishore had a network issue, so he could not continue)
-Docker Introduction To Testers by Anand Bhagwat
3.) Introduction to Software Testing Board’s Q&A site and the meetup site
4.) How to be a speaker at the next meetup
– Fill this up,
5.) Our social media profiles
6.) Subscribe to YouTube
7.) Contact us

Live Stream:

If you have any questions, you can always comment at the bottom of this page. That question will be answered by the speaker.


Social media presence:


Docker Introduction To Testers by Anand Bhagwat from Software Testing Board

Software Testing Board Live meetup-27th-Oct-2018 from Software Testing Board


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