I would like to know more about selenium helper framework you have developed.


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This framework is called selenium-helper.

Below are features.

  • Reporting
  • Cross browser testing
  • TestNG parallel execution
  • Data Driven Testing
  • Easy integration with Jenkins
  • HTML report / Excel reporting
  • Reading data from Excel file or CSV file TestNG

Selenium is browser automation tool. We need to develop customized reports to see outcome of execution. We have reporting integrated.

We have even cross browser testing enabled, so just by changing browser versions and grid URL in TestNG.xml file,we can execute same code in different browsers in parallel.

We have used TestNG testing framework as our base, so we can enable parallel execution, parameterized execution via xml file.

We have make use of @DataProvider annotation, so that we can pass excel file, read it and do execution based on test data input.

TestNG even supports command line, so integration with Jenkins is very easy.

Since we use customized reporting, we can generate HTM/Excel as report output. We used JXL, so reading exel file is much easy.

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Can you explain workflow?