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Unable to do Mouse Move on the Firefox browser

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​​​​​​​for(String wHandle : driver.getWindowHandles()){
	driver.manage().timeouts().implicitlyWait(120, TimeUnit.SECONDS);
	WebElement copyrightLink=driver.findElement(copyright);
	Actions act = new Actions(driver);

Exception on executing above code on Mouse over operations.


Driver info: driver.version: RemoteWebDriver
at org.openqa.selenium.remote.http.AbstractHttpCommandCodec.encode(AbstractHttpCommandCodec.java:220)
at org.openqa.selenium.remote.http.AbstractHttpCommandCodec.encode(AbstractHttpCommandCodec.java:118)
at org.openqa.selenium.remote.HttpCommandExecutor.execute(HttpCommandExecutor.java:157)
at org.openqa.selenium.remote.service.DriverCommandExecutor.execute(DriverCommandExecutor.java:82)
at org.openqa.selenium.remote.RemoteWebDriver.execute(RemoteWebDriver.java:604)
at org.openqa.selenium.remote.RemoteExecuteMethod.execute(RemoteExecuteMethod.java:35)

commented Mar 29, 2017 by stbadmin (192 points)
Can you post complete stacktrace? Including caused by?

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