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What is WSDL and URI in soapui tools?

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I have API link only. Where to get the WSDL.While adding the REST API project, Soapui asks the WSDL.

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WSDL: A WSDL is an XML document that describes a web service. It actually stands for Web Services Definition Language.

The URI is the link to your API.

In your SOAP UI, 

Сlick Rest on the main toolbar or select File > New Rest Project

It will ask you for the link. That's where you should put your API  link.

If you are provided with WSDL then you can use it. Otherwise, it is fine.

Let us know your findings.

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To setup a project for REST API, you can select File - > new REST project and pass on your API URL

WSDL -Web Service Description Language.

WSDL example:

WSDL will be provided when you want to setup an API with SOAP.

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+1 for proving the example.
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Thanks Mayur Sir
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What is the difference between SOAP and REST API?

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