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SoapUI pro using groovy language, unable to get valid output out of the assert statement.

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This is my code:


def groovyUtils = new context )



def httpResponseHeaders = context.testCase.testSteps["Login"].testRequest.response.responseHeaders

def ActualStatus = httpResponseHeaders["#status#"]

def expectedHTTPResponse = ['HTTP/1.1 200 OK']

assert expectedHTTPResponse == ActualStatus //validate status here"Testcase is Passed")


catch(AssertionError e)

{"Testcase is Failed")


If I run the groovy script individually, its show the correct result for valid data(Actual Status=ExpectedStatus).Now, when I run the testcase[login and groovy script, 2 steps], it will show the correct result as "Pass". I am using assert to validate the status. Again when I am passing invalid data(Actual Status!=ExpectedStatus) and running the groovy script individually, it will show the result as "Testcase is failed". And when I run the test case [login and groovy script, 2 steps], it will show the correct result as "Pass". Actually, it is suppose to fail.

How to handle assert to validate the status?

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Try this,

sample = testRunner.testCase.testSteps['Login'].testRequest.response.getResponseHeaders() sample
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