Top 10 Most Popular Software Testing Tools 2019

Popular software testing tools are the real weapon for automation testers. Actually, QA analyst follows two methods, Manual testing, and Automation testing. In the manual testing, every test cases are performed by the humans and for automation testing, an automation type test case running frequently and testing whole the application without having interaction with any human. As we all know QA testing is stands for examining any software or application for the bugs and errors so it is very necessary for the testers for use latest software testing tools. Being a leading QA and testing services company India, we are acquainted enough about the latest tools of QA testing. So to help all automation tester, we are revealing the top 10 most popular software testing tools 2019 in this post.


Top 10 Most Popular Software Testing Tools 2019

Manual testers don’t need any software testing tools for testing any application so all the software testing tools refer to the most popular automation testing tools for software, app, and website use. While talking about popular software testing tools, one name immediately pings in our mind and that is Selenium. It is an open source tool for testing web apps and it supports most programming languages. Another popular software tool is QuickTest Professional (QTP) also known as Unified Functional Testing (UFT). To dive into the depth of the top 10 most popular software testing tools 2019, here is a list is given below.

1. Selenium

Selenium is an open source automation functional tools for testing web apps. It is a free testing tool but requires Apache 2.0 license for use, the license from Apache is completely free of cost. It is the most popular testing tools from the past several years. Selenium was originally designed by Jason Huggins in 2004 as an internal tool as ThoughtWorks. Selenium is a kind of framework that widely used for testing web apps, it offers a playback tool for performing functional tests without having knowledge of test scripting language.


It is a contradiction that UFT and QTP are different tools but as you know UFT is the updated version of QTP. Actually, HP merged it’s two testing tools, QTP & Service Test, HP rebranded its name as Unified Functional Testing (UFT). HP QTP is the widely used automation testing tools just because of its usability, It can test any form like web apps, mobile application, software, and websites. Now QuickTest Professional is owned by Micro Focus. UFT only performs with VBScript so automation testers need to acquainted about the VBScript whilst using Unified Functional Testing.

3. Appium

After the Selenium, Appium ranked as the top most popular automation testing tools for all type of platform. Appium is an open source automation tool that is completely free of cost. As the name consist, Appium is specially designed for testing the mobile application i.e. native, hybrid, iOS and Android applications. While we are addressing the Top 10 most popular Software testing tools 2019, thus, Appium is considered as the best automation tool for mobile application in the current time. As we all know it can test all cases for any kind of mobile apps or web apps that abilities elevate the popularity of Appium in the Automation testers mind.

4. Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is an open source automation tool for testing mobile application and web products. Katalon Studio is a free tool thus it is popular among automation testers. Katalon Studio is not totally free, it’s the free version applicable for individual automation testers, paid version for organization and Enterprises support services. It works on top of Appium and Selenium so users can leverage from both testing tools e.g. Object repository, user-friendly IDE, browser plugins and object spy. It can also easily works better with the other tools like Kobiton, qTest, Jira, Git, Slack and so on.

5. TestComplete

TestComplete is a renowned functional testing tool for automation testers. It was developed by SmartBear and this tool claims for better testing with automated UI testing. It can perform parallel regression tests with automation builds and create stable regression tests cases. As it is a functional testing tool so it gives more accurate and error-free output because of less human interaction. TestComplete gives automation testers the ability to create automation test cases for web, Windows, browsers, iOS, and Android applications.

6. Robotium

Robotium is an open-source automation tool that specially crafted for the Gray box testing. As it is only defined the Gray box testing that means, Robotium can be used where APK file of the application is available but the source code is not available. It is one of kind test framework that used for the testing android applications. It has one similarity with the Selenium because Robotium also requires Apache 2.0 license but it is free of cost. The main developer and founder of this tool are Renas Reda, the first version was 5.0.1 that released on January 5, 2014. Robotium is a trending tool for Android application that’s why we conclude it in our list of top 10 most popular software testing tool 2019.

7. Test Sigma

Test Sigma is a cloud and AI-based automation testing tool. It is very useful for those testers who are not so much experienced in automation testing. Test Sigma claims for faster output using simple English even without having a knowledge of programming. With Test Sigma tool, anyone can write automated tests for mobile application, web apps, and APIs.

8. SoapUI

Another testing specific tool by SmartBear, it is specially designed for testing API and data-driven testing. As the name implies, SoapUI is a popularly used open-source automation tool for testing the SOAP and REST APIs. it is also a functional testing tool, which means it can be used for test software API and GUI. ShopUI is an open source tool and has two versions, one is free for individual and another is paid tool that brings premium feature like SQL query builder, form editor, and assertion wizard for the UI. Usually, Automation testers used this tool for data-driven testing, reusable scripts, and multi-purpose type cases.

9. EggPlant

EggPlant is one of the kind testing tools that specially designed to test GUI and performance of the project. It is a black-box GUI automation testing tool used for the software, application and web apps. EggPlant has two separate tools i.e. EggPlant functional tool and EggPlant Performance for respectively functional testing and performance testing for load and stress. The benefits of using EggPlant is, it gives freedom to use single test cases in multiple device scenarios.

10. Visual Studio Test Professional

Visual Studio Test Professional is a Microsoft product so this tool leverage from the high authority and security. This testing tool offers to test application and web apps while development through Visual Studio server and Azure DevOps, so it must to designed and developed an app with Visual Studio if users want to test any application. VS Test Professional used for organizing management steps like test planning, authoring, execution, and central location tracking. The best thing to working with VS Test Professional is the depth insight, It offers an insight metrics to the product owners for quality and progress report.

In A Nutshell

While we are wrapping up, one thing is very clear that it must use the latest tools for the automation testers. We hope the list of “Top 10 most popular software testing tools 2019” will help many testers to always ahead of the curve and for quality driven approach. We discussed the popular automation tools and the importance of QA testing in app development. Acquaint SoftTech is a leading QA and testing services company India, USA, and our products are testifying on the all quality measure. We wish this latest tool will help you out in order to ensure quality and bug-free development.

The most popular QA testing tools are QTP and Selenium, thus, every automation tester has a query regarding the QTP vs Selenium.

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