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How do I set geckodriver on Kali Linux?

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I'm using Kali Linux to execute tests. I'm facing issue while setting up geckodriver. Can you provide step by step instructions on how to set geckodriver? I'm new to this. So, please provide detailed information.

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First download geckodriver from
Download either geckodriver-<version>-linux32.tar.gz or geckodriver-<version>-linux64.tar.gz

Now, extract the downloaded driver file.

Now add the geckodriver to PATH environment variable. Follow the below guide to do the same.

  1. Open a Terminal Shell emulator window
  2. Now, we are going to set PATH by editing the Bash User’s File

On your terminal type

nano ~/.bashrc

Append something like:

export PATH=$PATH:[/path/to/extracted/driverfolder/geckodriver]

To Save the Changes and Exit Hit Ctrl+x ;)
Then to Load the New PATH simply:


Check it’s Working:

which geckodriver

Hope the guide helps!

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